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About Access Research Company, and Me

Access Research Company (ARC) – 

Based in Melbourne Australia, ARC is my consultancy and training company.  I have consulted for NBNco, ACMA, the University of Melbourne, and others. I am an Honorary Fellow at the University of Melbourne, and lecture there within the School of Engineering.   My current subjects include “Internet Engineering,” “Broadband Access Networking and Design,” and “Signalling and Network Management”, all within the Master of Telecommunications Engineering course in the School of Engineering.  I have also lectured in Management and Engineering topics at the University of Melbourne, and other Universities.

Bob Warfield –

My engineering experience comes from 30+ years in Telstra (originally part of the Post Master General’s Department, then Telecom Australia, then Telstra) mainly as a researcher and then a research manager. During that time I spent one year as a Visiting Researcher at Bellcore in NJ, USA. After leaving Telstra, I had 4 years in a startup telecommunications carrier.   I founded Access Research Company 18 years ago to conduct consultancy and teaching.  Prior to that I had already started teaching part-time at the University of Melbourne, and other tertiary institutions in Melbourne, and I have been doing so ever since.  

My formal qualifications began with a BE at the University of New South Wales. That course ran from 1966 through 1969, and included thermionic valves, transistors, integrated circuit design, and computing hardware and software, which were part of Electrical Engineering in those days.  In final year, we paused a lecture to watch Neil Armstrong take a small step onto the Moon. That was followed by a PhD in Electrical Engineering at the same university, then much later a Master of e-Business at RMIT University, also in Melbourne.  My university student days finished in 2003, though my education continues as a lifelong affair. 

I have spent the past ten years concentrating on teaching and consultancy, with a little research on the side.  I am also an enthusiastic amateur photographer – under the sea, in the air, and on land (mostly on land).

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