Setup for an Ubuntu Machine

Setup for an Ubuntu Machine

GNS3 Network Simulator / Emulator for Ubuntu

Go to and click on “Free Download”.  You may be asked to sign up, so enter the details and continue.  Select the installer for your OS, and click on that version.  (Note: you will not be needing IOU Support).

Wireshark for Ubuntu

Although it is not absolutely necessary, I recommend you download your own copy of Wireshark, for your own OS.  Then you will be able to examine packet traces that have been previously collected and stored.  Go to and click on “Download”.  Follow the instructions to download and install Wireshark.

Virtualization Software for Ubuntu – Optional

A machine running Ubuntu will run GNS3 without needing either VirtualBox or VMWare (although those are both freely available if you wish to use them).  Running directly on your Ubuntu machine will allow better performance from your given hardware platform.

What About Other Distros?

I have tried Ubuntu with complete success.  Sorry, I don’t know how GNS3 will behave with other Linux Distributions.  I recommend you Google for your OS in combination with GNS3.

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